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Book Publishing

Made Easy.

Professional, bespoke book cover design, typesetting, proofreading and eBook creation for self-publishing authors and publishers.

Your book - in safe hands.

Are you...

  • New to the publishing process, and unsure where to go from here?

  • Looking to elevate your self-published work to a professional level?

  • Wanting an eye-catching cover that will make your book really stand out?

Hi - I'm Sadie, a UK-based one woman freelance book guru with over 9 years' experience working in the production side of book publishing. I've created covers, typeset and overseen the production for well over 150 titles, and one thing I've learned is that every book is different, and should be treated exactly that way. No mass-produced artwork, automated messages or confusing prices here, just book publishing - made easy.



The Full Book Package

Publish like a pro! Between myself and my trusted collaborators, we'll take care of the whole production process from start to finish - from editing, proofreading and illustration, to typesetting, eBook creation and cover design.


Cover Design

Taking your book cover from a concept to a beautifully bespoke reality with professionalism, flexibility and ease. 

Original, personalised design, created just how you like.


Typesetting & Layout

Expert typesetting and layout for both print and eBooks to really make your work shine and improve readability. I'm passionate about layout and creating a book interior that perfectly suits your genre.

Kate Hicky

“Writing a book is a stressful and personal endeavor and Sadie was there for me every step of the way. I am SO happy with the end result."

Wren Waters

"Working with Sadie was nothing short of amazing! She took my DIY amateur looking book and turned it into a professional book that I feel proud of."

Woody Laui

“She ensured that the entire process was smooth and enjoyable with her friendly responses, and I would recommend her to anyone needing a book cover.”
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